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April 2021 – Addi’s Newest, the Rocket Squared.

I happen to be a fan of fixed circular needles.  Although I have several sets of interchangeables, and I like them fine after I get them put together with their cords, I gravitate to the fixed circulars every time.

It’s getting harder to find fixed circulars.  At online yarn shops various sizes often show up as “not in stock”, and I have a suspicion that the large online shops would rather you purchase a whole set for upwards of $100 than individual needles for more each but less of total outlay.  I know there are many sizes I do not ever seem to need, and I know too that it is easy to lose a set of tips somewhere in the recesses of a knitting bag.

With that opinion (let it be known I am never short of opinions) stated, let me sing the virtues of my current favorite fixed circular knitting needle.

Meet the Addi Rocket Squared.


Do you see the indentations on the needle?  You wouldn’t think they could make the smooth surface even smoother, nor would they look as if they could hold the yarn from escaping off the tip; but miraculously, they do both. 

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