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Classes by Meta, CYC Certified Knitting Instructor

Email:  meta@metaphoryarns.com   to schedule classes



Beginners are the most satisfying of all knitters to teach.  You choose what to offer your customers from blanket squares to wash cloths to scarves.  We all know beginners want to make "something" while they learn the basics.

Meta quickly met the challenge of remote instruction during the pandemic.

If you want to attract a whole new population of eager knitters, offer them Meta's online Beginner classes through your shop.  They will become repeat customers.


Lace-Back Mitts

A perennial pleaser, this 4-session class is a grand introduction to lace knitting.  Students choose 1 of 3 lace patterns and can opt to embellish with beads. Knit flat, seamed, and with a top welt, it contains transferable techniques for future projects.


After this class students often ask Meta for classes of increasingly complex lace to follow.  You will find your customers value Meta's patient and encouraging teaching style, and register for the next one you schedule.


Miss Dashwood Shawl

Miss Dashwood is a romantic shawl from the Jane Austen pattern series.  It was requested by a student after she had finished Meta's Lace-Back Mitt class and became an avid lace knitter.

For this class Meta allows more time for the bottom lace border and slightly less time once the easier lace pattern of the body arrives. Meta initiated 'office hours' which are regularly scheduled half-hour Zoom meetings to get extra help between classes.  It has since become a feature of Meta's classes because it is so appreciated by students who don't want to wait until class time to be sure they are on the right track.



Without a doubt socks have been Meta's most requested classes since she started teaching knitting professionally in 2011.  Teaching these crowd pleasers online has been equally popular, maybe more so, than in person.

Meta is happy to teach toe-up or cuff-down, vanilla or lace or cable patterned, regular gusset heel or a variety of afterthought heels.  Whatever you think your customers might want?  Why not get inspiration from the gorgeous book, "52 Weeks of Socks"?


Brioche Cowl

Brioche is ultra popular right now and this cowl is a terrific way to learn it. Because this pattern includes brioche both flat and in-the-round, as well as two color, it provides plenty of practice, and sets the stage for more uses of this squishy, delightful stitch in future projects.  Your customers will definitely register for a great accessory brioche class.

Fittin Mittens.webp

Fittin Mittens

How many of your customers are ready for knitting in-the-round?  Well, a mitten is the ideal choice.  Why?, because it is small, it is likely to be in a nice worsted weight, easy to handle and satisfyingly quick.  For the newer in-the-round knitter, it can be a challenging but fun way to push knitting to the next level.

Meta teaches Fittin' Mittens either on DPN's or Magic Loop (or both if someone wants to try them both).  This pattern is also an excellent way to learn how to measure and calculate for, as the name suggests, a good fit. 

The Cal Sweater

The most basic, customizable, vanilla top down sweater for students who want a first sweater project.  Meta takes students from start to finish through the yoke sweater formula in Ann Budd's, "Sweaters From The Top Down". 

Meta deliberately offers the class in a child size to encourage finishing one.  The world of sweaters from there is as creative, or not, as they'll ever want to knit.  Completing this class makes following the almost infinite numbers of commercial sweater patterns an enjoyable variable for the rest of their knitting lives.