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Why do I love teaching knitting.

I may be a crazy, or at least slightly odd woman, but as a teacher there is nothing more satisfying to me than watching a novice knitter who has never held knitting needles in her hands, make her very first stitch.  I get more pleasure out of it, and I celebrate it more than the new knitter herself (or himself).

Seeing that first stitch come alive is a glorious thing.

And as for the intermediate and advanced knitters I teach  --  ah well, what is better than the challenge of a new technique.  Knitting is kind of like skiing, or maybe astronomy; there is always – always – something new to learn.  Knitters can challenge themselves from now until forever with another stitch pattern, a different shape to make, or a new way to read a chart.  And that’s even before the knitter really gets the bug and starts designing patterns himself/herself.


Oh, and I have to mention.  Knitters, Crocheters, Fiber Lovers one and all are truly the most cheerful and engaging folk on earth.  It is an honor to be allowed to spend a few hours a week with such people.