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About Us

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Metaphor Yarns was an LYS in the charming village of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.  Its founder, Meta, began with the uncomplicated goal of meeting people by offering a sock knitting class to the community.  To that end she placed a classified ad in the local newspaper.  To her astonishment the class filled in a matter of days.

From there Metaphor Yarns grew to be a real LYS.  The calendar of classes became so varied and numerous that Meta could no longer teach all of them herself and outside experts were engaged.  Novice Knitters honed their skills and Advanced Knitters took on new challenges in Metaphor’s classes.

Years later Meta and John closed the shop to relocate to California.  Eventually the pandemic drove thousands of knitters onto YouTube and Zoom.  Searching for social connectivity during this time Meta called upon her knitting/teaching skills to offer classes on-line. 

Your shop might be interested in Meta’s on-line classes.  Take a look at the Classes Page of this website for ideas. You can get in touch at  Please include “knitting classes” in the subject line of your e-mail.  If you like you can give us your phone number for a call or text back from Meta, but you can be sure of an e-mail response as well.

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