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Yum, Hand Made Socks

Toe Up Socks are my current favorites. For years I had been knitting cuff down socks, and I loved making them. The pairs I have kept for myself are in my sock drawer and some of them are at least a decade old. They are so comfortable and so pretty I reach for a pair nearly every morning. My recipients of the socks I've given away tell me the same thing happens with the many pairs I gifted.

Lately toe up has become the go-to version. Are they more fun to knit, not really, because knitting socks is fun no matter whether you start at the top or the bottom, but the fit I think is easier to get right with toe ups. Hint: you can try them on as you go. You can finish them as low or high on the leg as the mood takes you, because the sock length can be dictated by how much yarn you have left.

Oh, and another thing. It is exciting to play with lace or cable patterns all the way up the leg if you want to.

I'll probably go back and forth, sometimes cuff down, sometimes toe up. Right now I'm on a toe up kick.


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